It’s different here. There’s not a cubicle in sight. You won’t find any One Size Fits All Business Plans or formulas to follow here, either. We see self-employment as an opportunity to share our unique gifts, passions and eccentricities with others so every citizen proudly creates a one of a kind enterprise that is a perfect fit for them.

We’re a peace-loving tribe. We spend no time trying to convince others to quit their jobs and join us. We’re delighted to be ambassadors, but we’re not missionaries. Staying inspired is a daily practice here. We’re not big on competition, although we love to collaborate.

Here are a few other things to know about Joyfully Jobless Land:

Citizenship: Voluntary

Language: English spoken, along with every other language on Earth, but you’ll seldom hear words like can’t or shouldn’t. You will hear lots of conversation about ideas and encouragement.

Currency: We operate with multiple currencies, of which money is one; other popular currencies include satisfaction, laughter, joy and innovation.

Priorities: We place a high value on independence and creativity and urge every citizen to thoughtfully consider what matters most to them and to build a life that supports those things.

Mission: To leave it better than we found it.

Dreamers Welcomed.
Whiners? Not so much.