° They love innovation and ideas

° They ask “what if” alot

° They drop names of people they admire

° They study success

° They are not satisfied with the status quo

° They understand the power of practice

° They show up at gatherings of other inspired entrepreneurs

° They are tireless relationship builders

° They are relentlessly curious

° They spread encouragement

° They laugh often

° They are enthusiastic problem-solvers

° They consider personal growth a worthwhile hobby

° They are generous and sharing in diverse ways

° They take good care of themselves

° They know that inspiration isn’t vaccination

° They are genuine optimists

° They find change exciting

° They […] Continue Reading…

Right after I sent out my Joyfully Jobless News today where I mentioned Booklovers’ London, the new stop on Inspiration Station, I got this tip from Londoner Ken Titmuss who shared this little treasure. He writes:

A very special bookshop  I can recommend is the one at Old Street Tube station. This is a station with a walkway round that has a few shops. Camden Lock Books is the only branch from the original shop in Camden and is literally a hidden book shop unless you discover it whilst travelling.

It is small and the stock is very much hand picked, […] Continue Reading…

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield like to joke that they became friends because they were the two slowest, fattest kids in their seventh grade gym class. That friendship continued on through high school and was interrupted only by their individual attempts at going to college. Ben dropped out first and became a potter; Jerry ended his college career when he failed to gain admission to medical school. With bleak prospects on both sides, the two got together and decided to start a business.
Since they were both enthusiastic eaters, they decided on a food enterprise. They considered bagels, then pizza, […] Continue Reading…

I’ve been reading some books written by exquisite storytellers and thought you might want to check them out for yourself (if you can stand all the pleasure).
I was completely enchanted by Geri Larkin’s Plant Seed, Pull Weed. Larkin, an ordained Buddhist and gardener, has created a lovely handbook of life lessons gathered from her spiritual practice and her work in a Seattle nursery. In fact, the subtitle is Nurturing the Garden of Your Life. Larkin notices the stories around her and passes them along. Lucky readers!
I’m nearly finished with another stunner which has been gracing the bestseller list for some time–and […] Continue Reading…

When a word or phrase is used too often, it can lose its punch. Consider Joseph Campbell’s oft-quoted, “Follow your bliss,” which seemed breathtaking the first time we heard it. Today’s buzzword is, of course, change. It’s taken a bit of a beating in the past weeks, which is a shame. When an outrageously creative change agent provides positive leadership the impact can be stunning—as the following story shows.
Antanas Mockus had just resigned from the top job of Colombian National University. A mathematician and philosopher, Mockus looked around for another big challenge and found it: to be in charge […] Continue Reading…

Earlier this year, the Las Vegas Sun ran a brilliant piece by Tom Breitling which began, “The economic news is relentless. Home foreclosures. Teetering mortgage companies. Tottering airlines. Brands that once rode high are going bankrupt. Job losses. Dangerous levels of public and private debt. If we’re not in a recession, there’s no denying that our economy does not feel good, which means this is not the time to be paralyzed in front of the TV. Look at the world in a new way, and build value for the future. Which, the way I see it, means it’s a […] Continue Reading…

Since my Do Talk To Strangers Policy is a vital component of traveling, I began to consider how I actually go about it. I realized that some of it is purely intuitive. For instance,  when a stranger plunks down next to me on an airplane, I take a breath, take a look and see if I’m moved to start a conversation. Most of the time I get it right. Once in a while, I know  from my opening question that  my seatmate is inclined toward solitude and I stop there. 

Whether you’re standing in line at the post office […] Continue Reading…

One New Year’s Day during my daughter’s college years, she called to  tell me about her celebration the night before. “The party I thought was going to be fun wasn’t,” Jennie said, “and the one I thought was  going to be boring was terrific.”

“What a great metaphor,” I replied. 

“Oh, Mom,” she groaned, “you think everything is a metaphor.”

She was right, of course. I love metaphor and think they’re highly underrated as learning tools. I’m not alone in thinking so. In his wonderful book, Growing a Business, Paul Hawken suggests that the best training for running a business is gardening. I […] Continue Reading…

Last Saturday I flew to Austin, TX to visit my daughter and her family in their new hometown. Before we went to their house, I got the mini-tour. When I commented on all the people we saw who were running, walking or bicycling, Jennie said, “This town isn’t about buying stuff; it’s about doing stuff.” I liked it already. I got even more interested when Hector exclaimed, “What I love about this place is all the little independent businesses.”
Those words were barely out of his mouth when we passed a parking lot where there was a shiny Airstream trailer […] Continue Reading…